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Paramuthia Lodge #25 celebrated the 200th anniversary of the granting of their charter from the Grand Lodge of Ohio. Our brethren at out Centennial Celebration created a time capsule box to leave messages and objects from that time to be opened during this bicentennial year. The contents were placed in a sealed copper box fashioned by one of our brothers who was a roofer and heating specialist. A sample of the box contents may be found in a Power Point presentation which may be downloaded by clicking here. CAUTION! It is a large file and will take a long time to download on a slow Internet connection. If you are on dial-up Internet, you may not want to try. A book containing copies of the contents will be produced later.

In addition, we are collecting objects to be placed in a new time capsule to be opened during our tricentennial in the year 3015. If you would like to contribute, send your contribution to the lodge at 12 West Carpenter Street, Athens, OH 45701 or contact Secretary Tim Jagers at tjagers “at” columbus.rr.com

Page Sponsors:  This page is to proudly hosted by the Masons of  the Athens Masonic Bodies: Paramuthia Lodge #25, Free and Accepted Masons; Athens Chapter #39, Royal Arch Masons; Athens Council #15, Royal and Select Masons; and Athens Commandery #15, Knights Templar.  We try to provide information about Masonic Lodges and appendent Masonic Organizations from southeast and all of Ohio. Information about stated meetings, upcoming inspections and other special events/projects will be provided as the information becomes available.

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Our pages are only as good as the information we receive.  Contributions and corrections are always appreciated.  We add and correct pages fairly regularly, so check back often for updates.

autism pin
Autism Pins
– Pins to support autism awareness have been created and are being sold by Paramuthia Lodge #25 thanks to an anonymous donation. Proceeds from the first batch are being used to send children with autism spectrum disorder to a summer camp sponsored by the local autism society. The pins are quite classy with the puzzle pieces logo for autism and the square and compasses.  We are getting inquiries from many other brothers and bodies interested in purchasing.

Athens Council #15 will be hosting the combined cast with Bosworth and Hock Hocking Councils to portray the Super Excellent Master Degree on Friday, May 3, 7:00 PM.

Brother Howie Damron’s Masonic Pride Tour: Brother Howie Damron of South Point and country music artist has written several songs on Masonic topics including a song written at the request of Grand Master Ronald Winnett to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. He performed this song at the 17th Masonic District Founder’s Day dinner on Friday, January 4, 2008 which was very well received. This and other Masonic songs and one for the Order of DeMolay may be found on his new CD “The Masonic Touch.” He will be traveling the State of Ohio and performing his Masonic songs throughout our bicentennial year. More information on his tour and obtaining his CD may be found at his website.

Athens Masonic Scholarship: The application deadline for the Athens Masonic Scholarship is April 15 each year. The Athens Masonic Scholarship
is open to those who have a father, grandfather or brother who is a member of one of the Athens Masonic Bodies (Paramuthia Lodge #25, Athens Chapter #39, Athens Council #15 or Athens Commandery #15) or are a member of the Athens Assembly Order of Rainbow for Girls or Athens DeMolay. The application is available in PDF format or may be requested at: Athens Masonic Scholarship Committee, 12 West Carpenter, Athens,
OH 45701. Download the cover letter for more information on eligibility requirements.

Charity and Public Service:  Background information about each branch of Freemasonry may be found in the “What Is…” link found under each body. Masons in the United States contribute nearly $2,500,000 EACH DAY through their various philanthropies. Information about each  branch’s philanthropies may also be found in the “What Is …” section.

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  • Scottish Rite Masonry (32nd/33rd degree) of Ohio
  • Ohio Priory #18, Knights of the York Cross of Honour
  • Hiram’s Hams Masonic Amateur Radio Society
  • Masonic Service Association of North America