Hiram's Hams Amateur Radio Society

Hiram's Hams is a "Fraternity within The Fraternity" whose membership is composed of Masons who are also amateur radio operators. Membership dues are by donation. A newsletter containing articles of Masonic and amateur radio interest has not been published for several years but is about to resume publication shortly.. 

We have had a recent membership request from a Brother ham in Italy.  Interesting to see we are receiving some foreign interest and that our fraternity is indeed universal.  We welcome such inquiries, but at present, the mailed newsletter is only available to United States domestic mail subscribers due to higher costs for foreign postage that cannot go through the bulk mailing permit.  We are working on an e-version of the newsletter that could be sent to foreign Hiram's Hams.

Contact information on this page is provided for Masonic purposes only.  All persons listed on this page request that their names and phone numbers are not used for telemarketing, business contacts or any other non-Masonic use.  Any such use of this information constitutes a violation of Federal Telecommunications rules and may result in prosecution of the responsible parties.

Contact Information for Hiram's Hams

Keith Chambers, P.M., W8VAN (SK 06/09/2014), Former Editor A copy of WB Keith's obituary may be found at the web site below. He will be sadly missed but is with the Grand Architect (or Elmer?) of the Universe now.

Jeff Slattery, P.M. N8SUZ, New Editor
45 Carol Lane
Athens, OH 45701-3657
E-Mail to n8suz "at" arrl.net
New web site at http://www.hiramshams.net

We are in the process of checking the old snail mail database and adding email addresses for those with addresses listed on QRZ or Ham Call. We are going to start sending our new newsletter via email. If you would like to submit your email address please contact Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ at the above email address. For those without email, we will be contacting them with a post card to ask for emails and to confirm contact information. New requests for membership may also be sent to the above email address. Please submit your name, address, call sign, lodge name & number along with any Masonic titles and memberships.

The following is a list of Masonic Amateur Radio Nets held in and near Ohio. Additions to this list are welcome by contacting the SIG coordinator listed below.

The Trestleboard Net
Originating in Cleveland
Sunday evenings on 28.495 mHz at 2030 ET(0130Z, 0030Z DST)
Tuesdays on the 146.73 mHz repeater at 2100 ET (0200Z, 0100Z DST)

Ohio Masonic Fellowship Net, W8QV
Sunday evenings on 3.865 mHz at 2130 ET (0230Z, 0130Z DST)
Net Control: W.B. John Sutherin, K8DHC
Marion, OH

20 Meter Masonic Fellowship Net
Monday-Friday on 14.328 mHz at 1100 ET (1600Z, 1500Z DST)
Net Controls: Dave KD5RHL Thursday and Friday, Barb KD5SVX also on Friday
Larry, N7LAR Monday, Jim N0TUI Tuesday
Chuck W4CTC on Wednesday

Michigan Masonic Fellowship Net
Sunday afternoons on 7233 mHz at 1400 ET (1900Z, 1800Z DST
Net Control: W.B. John M. Akkala, W8AT
Marquette, MI

QCWA Chapter No. 1
Cleveland, OH
Wednesdays at 2000 ET (0100Z, 0000Z DST) on the 146.88 repeater
Net Control: Craig D. Kollai

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Paramuthia #25, Fellow Webmaster

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